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Philippe Donfut

I am

I brainstorm, Imagine, create, invent for better solutions than the ones that exits.

My Services

Problem solver

I carefully watch people’s behaviors and the environment of a situation. I feel and understand that there are things that do not work optimally or even very badly.

My creative brain then goes into disruptive mode and imagines devices to make people’s lives easier than before or create an adequate service / product that does not exist yet.

Innovative Business

You are a CEO, Manager, Director of a company or large group and you are looking for innovative ideas to create new profitable businesses.

I have at my disposal about 400 innovation concepts which 130 of them are patentable.

You can acquire them to execute them all by yourself or we can partner together (CEO+CTO) to develop and launch the innovation into the market.

Valuable Patent Maker

With your best idea of innovation, I help you follow the whole process, step by step, to build a solid patent.

You will be assured of being able to register a valid and profitable patent and protect it from your competition.

When all is well done, it can be valued to be capitalized into your company or be sold to the highest bidder.

current project


A 3-in-1 home appliance that cooks natural vegetables crisps, french fries & popcorns in 15 minutes with the taste of your choice.

  • Practically no oil.
  • Does not produce acrylamide.
  • Very easy cleaning
  • 100% recyclable device

Lab Prototype Demo

Here you can see that this innovation works in lab prototype demonstration for the 3 options (crisps, french fries & popcorns).

To taste them, it is possible for partners who believe in the business opportunity of this innovation and want to commit to the (co) finalize it to an industrial prototype, sell and distribute it in international markets.

About Me

I look at the practical and ethical problems of this world.

My brain is constantly seeking ways to solve them by creative processes and to embody them through inventions.

I always think of designing innovations to make services more convenient to people and use only natural materials and recyclable resources for product making.

I propose another vision guided by my H.E.E principle  (Health, Economy and Environment) because I am very sensitive to the future of our planet earth and all its inhabitants.

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